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About Me

One thing which appeals the most to me is simplification.  I have been trying to re-write the fundamentatls of clinical subjects in order to present a simplified format for an easy understanding of the subject.  During my student days, I used to wonder on how to maximize my efficiency in terms of developing a proper understanding of the subject and thats when I used to focus more of simplifying the presentation of the content.  Through this website, I am presenting the simplified content to my readers so that they can benefit from the same.

Books I Have Authored


Mind Maps of Pharmacovigilance Basics

This book would be useful to anyone who wishes to enrich his/her knowledge on the fundamentals of pharmacovigilance. I ardently hope that this book would prove to be a true help to all those who are seeking to learn and grow in the field of pharmacovigilance.

MMCR Final Cover Page.jpg

Mind Maps of Clinical Research Basics

The concepts of Clinical Research have been depicted through mind maps in this book making the subject fundamentals very easy to understand. The chapter on career in clinical research gives an insight into the main job roles currently known in this field.

Amazon Verified Reviews

Great reference for understanding PV - 

Abbas Safaei

"In addition to the mind maps, the book is structured to review the entire major processes of PV and is very helpful for people who don't have the background in PV but are project managers and business analysts working in PV. Very practical book."

Great book ! - Roxstar

"A great book for a beginniner in PV. Clear, concise, and organized. Great reference material!"

Flipkart Verified Reviews


Good Book for beginners. with various illustrations and easy remembering mind map pics .


Nice book - Vinod

good for interviews & candidates seeking job. flow charts very informative. chapter on jobs is very useful. overall a good read. serves the purpose

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